The Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) Programme and The British Psychological Society (BPS)

This is a re-post of a post by my colleague Dr Mike Scott at CBTWatch on 24th August 2021admin The BPS has enthusiastically supported IAPT from its’ inception in 2008.  Improving access to psychological therapies is clearly a laudable goal, as most people with a mental health problem are not offered psychological therapy. The SocietyContinue reading “The Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) Programme and The British Psychological Society (BPS)”

Think again Dr Paxton. Do your job. Or resign.

In previous posts here, here and here, I have discussed the apparent xenophobia of The Psychologist‘s twitter account. In a bizarre turn of events, however, it is revealed that any alleged misconduct of psychologists working for the British Psychological Society is not dealt with by the Society’s Ethics Committee. This elite group includes Jon Sutton,Continue reading “Think again Dr Paxton. Do your job. Or resign.”

Xenophobia – What Xenophobia?

Sharing Xenophobia a Collection of Resources The Little Englander series continues. Following episode 2, ‘Little Englander’: Diane Ashby to the Rescue, we take up the story as Diane Ashby’s Rescue Mission Continues. Her latest email receives a rapid riposte. Dear Professor Marks In response to your email of 24 July, I can reassure you that highContinue reading “Xenophobia – What Xenophobia?”

‘The Martians could land in the car park, and no one would care’

ACADEMIC FREEDOM AND CENSORSHIP, FINANCIAL ISSUES, GOVERNANCE, MEMORY AND THE LAW GROUP 1st Aug 2021 AdminBPSWatch My friend Dave Pilgrim over at BPSWatch writes: In 1988, the Board structure agreed by the then leaders of the BPS set the scene for the norms of misgovernance and corruption – which we have reported at length on this blog –Continue reading “‘The Martians could land in the car park, and no one would care’”

‘Little Englander’: Diane Ashby to the Rescue

The Little Englander story continues, as we guessed that it would. ———- Forwarded message ———From: Diane Ashby <>Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2021 at 13:57Subject: Public commentsTo:  Dear Professor Marks I am writing to you as Deputy Chief Executive of the British Psychological Society in relation to your recent public comments directed at Jon Sutton, a BPS employee.Continue reading “‘Little Englander’: Diane Ashby to the Rescue”


Re-posting from BPSWatch 16th Jul 2021 AdminBPSWatch David Pilgrim posts… Today the relationship between the cabal running the BPS and the press reflects the governance crisis now evident to us all. When it is ‘business as usual’ then the press office of any organisation simply scans for opportunities to maintain a positive public profile andContinue reading “THE BPS AND THE FOURTH ESTATE”

Little Englander

Seriously?? – colleagues at BPSWatch tell how that stalwart of fairness and decency, the British Psychological Society, has blocked BPSWatch on twitter. Tempted though it must be to do likewise, the British Psychological Society hasn’t yet blocked me. It’s only a matter of time because the BPS is sensitive to criticism. Calls for transparency areContinue reading “Little Englander”


A couple of recent posts from BPSWatch 2nd Jul 2021AdminBPSWatch Peter Harvey writes… We are told every month that our house journal, The Psychologist, aims to fulfil the main object of the Royal Charter, “…to promote the advancement and diffusion of a knowledge of psychology pure and applied.” . I assume that the same laudable and worthy aimContinue reading “Seriously??”

Brexit + Covid Make a ‘Staycation’ the Only Sensible Option

The Context A necessary trip home to Britain after seven months in France (currently ‘Amber’). Here are the highlights of the programme: Ten days of self-isolation – reducible to 6 days with an extra covid test at Day 5. Seven days of self-isolation on return to France, giving a whacking big total of 17 daysContinue reading “Brexit + Covid Make a ‘Staycation’ the Only Sensible Option”