Lack of trust and social media echo chambers predict COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy

Will Jennings et al. of the University of Southampton has published the findings of a survey and focus group study of UK adults. The authors found that trust and mistrust are core predictors of vaccine hesitancy, with distrust in vaccines in general and mistrust in government raising vaccine hesitancy. Abstract Keywords: COVID-19; vaccination; trust; misinformationContinue reading “Lack of trust and social media echo chambers predict COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy”

COVID-19 Misinformation on Twitter

An Exploratory Study of COVID-19 Misinformation on Twitter⋆ has been reported here.The authors are: Gautam Kishore Shahia, Anne Dirksonb and Tim A. MajchrzakcaUniversity of Duisburg-Essen, GermanybLIACS, Leiden University, NetherlandscUniversity of Agder, Norway Keywords: Misinformation Twitter Social media COVID-19 Coronavirus Diffusion of information Abstract During the COVID-19 pandemic, social media has become a home ground forContinue reading “COVID-19 Misinformation on Twitter”


This post shares the WHO advice on misinformation. As the world responds to the  COVID-19 pandemic, we face the challenge of an overabundance of information related to the virus. Some of this information may be false and potentially harmful. Inaccurate information spreads widely and at speed, making it more difficult for the public to identifyContinue reading “Misinformation”

Covid Comfort

In the COVID-19 pandemic, one way of dealing with the stress, uncertainty and social isolation has been a greater indulgence in comfort food.  This is one of the most strongly predicted outcomes of our all-too human drive towards equilibrium. A poll of 2,000 Americans found that two in three are reverting to childhood food favouritesContinue reading “Covid Comfort”

The story of the temperature controlled drinking mug

As the COVID-19 pandemic enters the second year, with lock-downs, curfews and social distancing being the order of the day, people are finding new ways to regain equilibrium. As human needs in isolation become greater, there is a desire to escape the boredom and inertia, and people with spare time and money are increasingly searchingContinue reading “The story of the temperature controlled drinking mug”

Mood Homeostasis in COVID-19 Lockdown

July 29, 2020 An earlier post suggested that COVID-19 lockdowns create a ‘perfect storm’ of vulnerabilities that huge numbers of people, and services, are ill-prepared to manage.  I reviewed the science of human needs as they are expected to play out over prolonged periods of domestic confinement. More details were published in our article in the Journal of Health Psychology. Psychological homeostasis is a natural ability to maintain stability,Continue reading “Mood Homeostasis in COVID-19 Lockdown”

Homeostasis, Exercise, and COVID-19 Isolation

The Value of Exercise A recent post explored human needs during COVID-19 isolation. The success of social isolation policies will depend on minimizing long-term depreciation of mental health. In this post, I explain the benefits of developing a system of daily exercise to bolster well-being. Exercise is an under-utilised resource that is freely available toContinue reading “Homeostasis, Exercise, and COVID-19 Isolation”

Human Needs in COVID-19 Isolation

A Perfect Storm These are extraordinary times. Throughout history there have been plenty of pandemics but the human response to COVID-19 is unprecedented. The world will never be the same again. It is estimated that close to four billion people are living in social isolation during this mother of all pandemics (Sandford, 2020). Unless there is a revolt, policies of social isolation in one form or another are expectedContinue reading “Human Needs in COVID-19 Isolation”