The General Theory of Behaviour IV: Homeostasis, Balance and Stability

This fourth post in the series describes homeostasis as a fundamental principle in behaviour and motivation. The fixity of the milieu supposes a perfection of the organism such that the external variations are at each instant compensated for and equilibrated…. All of the vital mechanisms, however varied they may be, have always one goal, toContinue reading “The General Theory of Behaviour IV: Homeostasis, Balance and Stability”

The General Theory of Behaviour V: Entrainment, Rhythm and Synchronicity

This fifth post in a series about A General Theory of Behaviour examines homeostasis, synchronicity and circadian systems in the regulation of arousal, behaviour and sociality.                                                    This is a beautifullyContinue reading “The General Theory of Behaviour V: Entrainment, Rhythm and Synchronicity”

The General Theory of Behaviour VI: Learning, Striving and Inhibiting

In this sixth article concerning the GTB, I describe basic principles of learning, striving and inhibiting behaviour. Among other things, it includes the Law of Effect which was derived from studies with cats. “responses that produce a satisfying effect in a particular situation become more likely to occur again in that situation.” Edward Thorndike, 1898Continue reading “The General Theory of Behaviour VI: Learning, Striving and Inhibiting”

Homeostasis, Exercise, and COVID-19 Isolation

The Value of Exercise A recent post explored human needs during COVID-19 isolation. The success of social isolation policies will depend on minimizing long-term depreciation of mental health. In this post, I explain the benefits of developing a system of daily exercise to bolster well-being. Exercise is an under-utilised resource that is freely available toContinue reading “Homeostasis, Exercise, and COVID-19 Isolation”

Human Needs in COVID-19 Isolation

A Perfect Storm These are extraordinary times. Throughout history there have been plenty of pandemics but the human response to COVID-19 is unprecedented. The world will never be the same again. It is estimated that close to four billion people are living in social isolation during this mother of all pandemics (Sandford, 2020). Unless there is a revolt, policies of social isolation in one form or another are expectedContinue reading “Human Needs in COVID-19 Isolation”

COM-B System Fatally Flawed

The COM-B System In 2011, three psychologists, Susan Michie, Maartje M van Stralen and Robert West (MSW, 2011), proposed “a ‘behaviour system’ involving three essential conditions: capability, opportunity, and motivation…This forms the hub of a ‘behaviour change wheel’ (BCW).” MSW mention two sources for the idea of the COM-B: “a US consensus meeting of behaviouralContinue reading “COM-B System Fatally Flawed”

The General Theory of Behaviour VII: Wayne Rooney, Imaging and Action

In this seventh post I explore the introspections by the footballer Wayne Rooney. These interesting remarks by one the world’s greatest footballers illuminate key issues in the General Theory. They are concerned with how thinking, feeling and action are all interconnected. It is these interconnections that enable us to function as an integrated human being.Continue reading “The General Theory of Behaviour VII: Wayne Rooney, Imaging and Action”

I Am Conscious, Therefore, I Am

Abstract Organisms are adapted to each other and the environment because there is an inbuilt striving toward security, stability, and equilibrium. A General Theory of Behavior connects imagery, affect, and action with the central executive system we call consciousness, a direct emergent property of cerebral activity. The General Theory is founded on the assumption thatContinue reading “I Am Conscious, Therefore, I Am”

Master Faker H J Eysenck

“People fake only when they need to fake.” The replication crisis in science begins with faked data. I discuss here a well-known recent case, Hans J Eysenck. An enquiry at King’s College London and scientific journals  concluded that multiple publications by Hans J Eysenck’s are ‘unsafe’ and must be retracted. These recent events suggest that the entireContinue reading “Master Faker H J Eysenck”

Psychology and the Paranormal

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy” So the well-worn saying goes. Are there? If so, what are they? And how does one obtain solid evidence? These questions have taxed human beings for millennia. A zetetic approach I approach psychology and the paranormal¬† in a spiritContinue reading “Psychology and the Paranormal”