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Gap Filling Like any other science, Psychology contain myriads of variables, A,B,C…N…X,Y,Z.  An established strategy for developing new research is for the investigator to identity ‘gaps’ in the field and to set about filling those gaps with correlational and experimental studies. The latter involve almost every possible permutation and combination of variables. The gap filling …

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Just A Coincidence: My Paper Rejected Across 65 BMC-series Journals for Bogus Reasons on the Day the Guardian Slates Eysenck

This update of an update is part of a series of posts concerning the late Professor Hans J Eysenck, one of the most prolific psychologists of all time. Eysenck worked at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King’s College London. The context is the publication by the psychiatrist Anthony Pelosi of a penetrating critique of the …

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61 publications by Hans J Eysenck and R Grossarth-Maticek that require correction or retraction

1985 HJE’s affiliation was the Institute of Psychiatry, University of London; The affiliation of RG-M at that time is uncertain. 1)CONFERENCE PAPER: Grossarth-Maticek, R., Eysenck, H. J., Vetter, H., & Schmidt, P. (1985). Results of the Heidelberg prospective psychosomatic intervention study. International Conference on Health Psychology, Tilburg University. 1988-1991 Both authors give the Institute of Psychiatry, University …

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Open letter to Professor Edward Byrne, AC FTSE FRACP FRCPE FRCP, President and Principal of King’s College London

3 December 2018 Dear Professor Byrne, I am writing about a serious matter concerning the research integrity of a late employee of your institution. In the interests of openness and transparency, this is an Open Letter. If left unresolved this is a matter that can be expected to produce potential harm to patients, to biomedicine …

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Scientific Fraud at London University

The University of London (UL) is a complex, federal institution including University College London (UCL) the LSE, King’s College London and the London Business School. The University is the world’s oldest provider of academic awards through distance and flexible learning, dating back to 1858. The UL website proudly announces that it: “has been shortlisted for …

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Cochrane Catastrophe

Peter Gøtzsche’s Expulsion Triggers Mass Resignation The Board of a prestigious scientific organisation, The Cochrane Collaboration,  recently suffered a mass resignation.  This post documents the reasons why, using the words of the organisation itself. The board has been reduced from 13 to 6 members, following a vote to expel a founding member  for the first time in …

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