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Personality, Heart Disease and Cancer: A Chequered History

Type A and B Personality We discuss here the chequered history of the claims by Psychologists and others about the links between personality and illness, particularly heart disease and cancer. The research has been marred by dirty money and allegations of fraud. Speculation about ‘Type A’ and ‘Type B’ personalities and coronary heart disease (CHD) …

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Reasons To Avoid Nicotine Replacement Therapy

We all know that tobacco is the world’s number one killer. The tobacco plant itself is not unattractive. It’s the nasty nicotine inside and all the other s**t that ends up in the smokers’ lungs that is the problem. Big Pharma wishes the world to believe that their drug-based therapies are effective methods to stop …

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Stop Smoking Now

If you’re a smoker and want to give up the habit, then Stop Smoking Now is designed for you. The approach involves restoration of homeostasis without nicotine in the body or nicotine replacement, e-cigarettes or any other kind of crutch in the form of medication. The truth is Stop Smoking Now could not only save …

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