COVID-19 Misinformation on Twitter

An Exploratory Study of COVID-19 Misinformation on Twitter⋆ has been reported here.The authors are: Gautam Kishore Shahia, Anne Dirksonb and Tim A. MajchrzakcaUniversity of Duisburg-Essen, GermanybLIACS, Leiden University, NetherlandscUniversity of Agder, Norway Keywords: Misinformation Twitter Social media COVID-19 Coronavirus Diffusion of information Abstract During the COVID-19 pandemic, social media has become a home ground forContinue reading “COVID-19 Misinformation on Twitter”

Prudish Facebook Censors Rubens painting of Venus from my Book Cover

My 2016 book on obesity needed a cover. I chose Peter Paul Rubens’ painting ‘Venus in Front of the Mirror’ (c. 1613/1614). Wanting to promote my free, self-published book on Facebook, I set up a Facebook page. I hit upon a problem. Prudish Facebook censored my cover and said I needed to replace it withContinue reading “Prudish Facebook Censors Rubens painting of Venus from my Book Cover”